XXIII ISMS 2013 Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation

September 10-13, 2013 (Room D and Foyer)

Poster Presentation 
Two poster sessions will be held during the conference, on Wednesday, September 11, and 13 (14:00-15:00), 2013.

Gross Anatomy and Evolution

  • P1 P.M. Herrera, I. Petra, M.T. Cortes, A. Soto, A. Farfán, A. Cea, M. Aburto (Mexico): Body Painting exercise in Anatomy.
  • P2 T. Ushiki, H. Sakurai, H. Aoyama, T. Hiraishi (Japan): Making a replica skull of the ancient Jomon people with a 3D printer.
  • P3 M. Tsutsumi, T. Arakawa, T. Terashima, A. Miki (Japan): Intramuscular nerve distribution pattern of the human tibialis posterior.
  • P4 M.R. Haffajee, T.J. Maharaj, K. Daji, M.A.A.Ebrahim (South Africa): A cheeky lump - an accessory parotid gland?
  • P5 K. Hosokawa, M. Tanabe, R. Morota, M. Nishikawa, K. Yoshikawa, N. Araki, K. Higuchi (Japan): A morphological analysis of the shark pectoral fin innervation.
  • P6 H. Nagashima, N. Sato, and S. Kuratani (Japan): Origin of the unique morphology of the shoulder girdle in turtles.
  • P7 Q.A. Fogg, M.Lindsay, J. McGlynn, and C. S.Kumar (UK): The “hidden” extent of the distal attachment of the fibularis longus tendon in humans

Neuroanatomy and Neurosciences

  • P8 J.L. Bueno-López, J. C. Chara, C. Reblet (Spain): Length and diameter of axon initial segment of pyramidal neurons in layer II/III of anterior cingulate cortex of the rat besides number and distribution of incoming axo-axonic synaptic boutons
  • P9 C. Reblet, T. Fuentes, J. L. Bueno-López (Spain): Interstitial cells of frontoparietal white matter under subplate have axon projection to anterior cingulate and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex in adult rabbits
  • P10 H. Shibata, Y. Honda (Japan): Projections from the Anterior Thalamic Nuclei to the Retrosplenial Granular Cortex in the Rabbit
  • P11 M. Inoue, T. Kuroda, Y. Shinkai, K. Mizutani (Japan): Prdm16 contributes critically to the fate of neural progenitors by regulating the multipolar cell phase.
  • P12 M. Shibata, K. Soma, N. Sato (Japan): Lysosomal cathepsin D induces apoptosis in the chicken embryo neural tube.
  • P13 H. Yaginuma, N. Kobayashi, S. Homma (Japan): Elucidation of the target muscle and detailed development of dorsal motor neurons in the chick embryo spinal cord.
  • P14 A. Chiba, H. Nagashima, M. Shibata, N. Sato (Japan): Study for methods of gene transfer to motoneuron during synapse formation.
  • P15 T. Nanao, J. Yamaguchi, Y. Uchiyama (Japan): Relationship of lysosomes and autophagy formation in primary cultured cortical neurons.
  • P16 J. Yamaguchi, T. Nanao, M. Sasaki, M. Koike, Y. Uchiyama (Japan): Semi-purification and characterization of Atg9A-positive membranes from presynaptic terminals.
  • P17 T. Sunabori, M. Koike, Y. Uchiyama (Japan): Relationship between Toll-like receptor 2 and autophagy induction in neurons.
  • P18 T. Uemura, N. Sawada, S. Kametaka, M. Yamamoto, S. Waguri (Japan): Tissue and cellular distribution of the clathrin adaptor accessory protein p56 in mouse tissues.
  • P19 K. Kadono, A. Kawano, H. Niwa, S. Honma, S. Wakisaka (Japan): Ultrastructure of injured trigeminal ganglion neurons; the comparison between crush injury and loose ligation.
  • P20 M. Horie, K. Watanabe, A. K. Bepari, H. Takebayashi (Japan): Essential role of actin binding domain-containing Dystonin in the pathogenesis of dystonia musculorum.
  • P21 O. Hoshi, Y. Cho, N. Takei (Japan): Structure of growth cones of rat dorsal root ganglion neurons observed by atomic force microscopy


Cell Biology, Histology and Histopathology

  • P22 K. Watanabe, T. Sakurada, N. Shirasu, T. Sato, T. Nochi, H. Aso (Japan): Immunohistochemical profiles of a ruminant-specific type I myofiber in the bovine skeletal muscles: Type ID myofiber revisited.
  • P23 H. Annoh, Y. Dobashi, K. Kato, K. Katahira, S. Waguri (Japan): Autophagy is involved in muscle wasting in tumor-bearing cachectic mice.
  • P24 C. Suzuki, M. Ohmuraya, M. Shibata, Y. Uchiyama (Japan): Roles of lysosomal proteinases in ischemia reperfusion-mediated renal proximal tubular injury.
  • P25 S. Okada, S. Inaga, K. Kitamoto, Y. Kawaba, H. Nakane, T. Naguro, T. Kaidoh, S. Kanzaki (Japan): Morphological changes of podocytes in pediatric nephrotic syndrome.
  • P26 H. Bochimoto, M. Hosaka, Y. Bando, D. Koga, Y. Hira, T. Ushiki, T. Watanabe (Japan): GnRH signaling affects the ultrastructure of the ER in male rat pituitary gonadotropes.
  • P27 M. Ida-Eto, M. Nomura, T. Ohkawara, M. Narita (Japan): immunehistochemical analysis of the neuropeptide manserin in the rat oviduct
  • P28 E. Komatsu, M Hattori, M Yamanishi, M Hutakuchi, K Kanzaka, Y Uno, S Yamazaki, S Kato, T Yamamoto, Y Nakajima, K Mukai, N Murakado, M Ookuwa, T Nakatani (Japan): Study of the effects of combining Japanese honey and a hydrocolloid dressing on skin wound healing.
  • P29 K. Mukai, Y. Nakajima, E. Komatsu, J. Sugama, T. Nakatani (Japan): 17β-estradiol promotes cutaneous wound healing in 24-week ovariectomized female mice by modulating wound inflammation and promoting wound contraction.
  • P30 M. Ackermann, J. P Houdek, A. Ysasi, W. Wagner, J. Belle, A. Tsuda, S. J Mentzer, M.A Konerding (Germany and USA): Sprouting and Intussusceptive Angiogenesis in post-pneumonectomy lung growth.
  • P31 A.M. El-Bakry, S. Iwasaki (Egypt and Japan): Ultrastructure and histochemical study of the lingual salivary glands of four species of birds.
  • P32 S. Kimura, M. Yamakami-Kimura, Z. Miao, T. Iwanaga (Japan): Multicolor fluorescence imaging of follicle-associated epithelium in whole-mount preparations of Peyer’s patch.
  • P33 M. Zheng, T. Iwanaga (Japan): Expression of a monocarboxylate transporter in reticular cells of lymph node and its involvement in uptake of exogenous particles.
  • P34 S. Kametaka, S. Waguri (Japan): Functional characterization of lysosomal enzyme receptor protein (LERP) in Drosophila
  • P35 C. Hashizume, A. Kobayashi, R. W. Wong (Japan): Knock-down of Nup358-induced chromosomal fragmentation and mitotic catastrophe
  • P36 A. Endo, A. Moyori, A. Kobayashi , R.W. Wong (Japan): Nuclear Mitotic Apparatus protein, NuMA modulates p53 mediated transcription in cancer cells

Microscopy Techniques

  • P37 D. Koga, S. Kusumi, H. Bochimoto, T. Watanabe, T. Ushiki (Japan): Correlative light and scanning electron microscopy for observing the three-dimensional ultrastructure of membranous cell organelles in relation to their molecular components.
  • P38 H. Aoyagi, S. Iwasaki (Japan): 3D Visualization of the Tongue and Tongue muscle by mCT.
  • P39 S.Kusumi, D. Koga, M. Nakajima, and T. Ushiki (Japan): Three-dimensional reconstruction of tissue sections for investigating the microvasculature of the human spleen.
  • P40 R. Shodo, D. Koga, T. Ushiki (Japan): Three-dimensional reconstruction of the spiral organ of Corti.
  • P41 Y. Ominami, S. Kawanishi, H. Suzuki, M. Ajima, M. Nakajima, D. Koga, T. Ushiki, S. Ito (Japan): Observation of wet biological samples using a novel atmospheric scanning electron microscope.
  • P42  E. Oho, K. Suzuki, S. Yamazaki (Japan): Ultrahigh quality SEM images of biological samples using a long acquisition time and complex hysteresis smoothing.
  • P43 K. Suzuki, E. Oho, S. Yamazaki (Japan): Reduction of charging effects in biological samples using a special raster scanning.
  • P44 M. Nakajima, T. Ushiki (Japan): Scanning ion conductance microscopy for imaging cultivated cells, in comparison with scanning electron microscopy.


  • P45 K. Zeka, K.C. Ruparelia, R.RJ Arroo, V. Corradini, M.G. Palmerini, L.A. Pajewski, F. Vegliò, M.A. Continenza (Italy): In vitro biocompatibility of a new Hydrogel with Kaempferol, from Crocus sativus L. Flowers